Some People Excel At Survival Minecraft Servers And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

I like to play minewind for many reasons, the first is that the economy and items on the server is extremely unique and is like no other server. I found out many people will sell dragon eggs for diamond blocks so I became the diamond miner of throne you could say, I bought dragon eggs from anyone I could and it is very fun to trade and interact with the other players although sometimes risky because some people try to scam me, and some are successful.

I played for a few months and knew this was my server. the only server I wanted to play on. there is always something to do because of all the unique items and plugins on the server, I think the currency is what is really cool, most servers just go by diamonds. on Minewind there is all sorts of things that are worth like dragon eggs, nether stars, gold coins, god items and much more. another reason why I like minewind so much is the community. although some people can be rude, most are outgoing and fun to play with, and on the forums too, many people have great ideas and topics and it is always very interesting to see these ideas and even the drama too. another great thing is that if there is a problem with the server the admins fix it very quickly so people do not do anything bad or make it worse. the minewind and admins are very smart because the spend a lot of time to make the server super entertaining and interesting because there are many secrets and tips about minewind that do not normally apply to other parts of minecraft, or other minecraft servers. many people only see the main things in spawn but there are tricky secrets that many also do not see like the forgotten room and the hidden dungeon with the villager that sells legendary currency. castle battles, although I do not participate are very exciting too because you get to see the main clans of the server fight for the great riches of the servers castle and there is much more talking and battling because of it and it makes people prepare all week for the battle and even means that they need to make more things for battle like armor and god apples.

Clans are also a great thing because whether you are with a friend or with allies on the server you can have a separate chat without others seeing what you need to tel your friends and you don’t have to message each one of them. this is very useful for castle battle I am sure and for me it is good if my friends need help or want to tell me what another person is doing without telling the entire server, it makes very good friendships and lots of good secrets for the server to keep. I would have to say for my last reason why I love minewind is because everyone here has a very different and great sense of humour and you do not find talks or chats like this anywhere else and it is just my kind of jokes and talking that I like, it can be crude and rude but its what makes up Minewind, the great server where you will always have something to do and can fit in well.



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